Jeanet Alles is the creative engine and inspiration behind the screens. jeanet_allesShe’s working with worldwide success due to her spontaneity and love for everything that has to do with singing and dancing.
In the early years of entertainment-TV she was one of the first professional working showgirl and dancer, an internationally acclaimed soubrette!
To keep up to date with the latest developments in showbiz she studied professional jazz dance in the United States. She applied all her new skills in teaching, dance performances and musicals for- and with the legendary Hellen LeClerq.
Subsequently she started her own ballet studio and guided her own pupils in their first steps into the new world of modern show dance. Most of them grew to become real professional dancers. Some of them even joined “The Jeanet Dance Sensation” (later “Dance Fantasy”)
Open-minded Jeanet, is always interested in new ideas. Her motto is “good collaboration and friendly communication are at the foundation of any success”.

Déjean Frequin, son of two artists: his mother dancer/singer and his father one of the most famous soloists of the dejeanIFD. His parents had a dancing school where Déjean in his youth already very familiar was with the world of show business. In the beginning his mother wasn’t happy that Déjean also wanted to be an artist but after many successful trials in the world of entertainment, she had to admit that he had a great talent and a wonderful voice.
Great artists, like Hans Klok, Ronnie Tober and Wim Zomer, advised him to continue in show business.
At the age of 18 years Déjean started in the musical “Jeans” that played in many theatres in Holland and Belgium. He danced and sang also in other theatre productions all over the world.
At the moment he takes care for choreographies and the administration. He has creative ideas and carries these out professionally. Déjean is very close connected with Dance Fantasy and IMO Impress New Dutch Generation. He is a great director of IMO Impress, as artist organizer and choreographer.